Truck/Art was a roving contemporary art project that took place in and around Bentonville, Arkansas, the plastic heart of America. It consisted of two incarnations: Work: Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Communication, and Labor in the fall of 2014 and Structural Resistance: Ba'aler Abstraction in the spring of 2015. The project questioned public art, the art market, and the place of art and artists in the country's contemporary context.  After the second show, Mr. Watts stripped the retired potato chip delivery truck, and now retired art project, down and abandoned it on the side of the road near Kenton, Oklahoma to be found and used by its next owner and dreamer.

Structural Resistance: Ba'aler Abstraction

This incarnation of Truck/Art features Watts’ large scale drawings placed upon recent Artforums that have been deconstructed and displayed in the truck in a sharecropper style. The piece was available for viewing twice. Once in Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 1st, 2015 and once in Bentonville, Arkansas on April 17th, 2015. The intentionality of restrictive viewing adheres to the questions this piece is considering.

WORK: Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Communication, and Labor

This incarnation of Truck/Art took place in Bentonville, Arkansas from September 10th to December 11th of 2014. It featured a constructed gallery in the back of the retired potato chip delivery truck displaying the drawings of Louis Watts. The work was sold by means of an elongated silent auction that lasted until the end date of the project where the highest bidder was rewarded with their winning piece. The truck was parked on the street across from 21c hotel in Bentonville.

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